Week 56: The Mask

When it comes to beauty products I’ll be the first to tell you that I am clueless. I don’t make this claim in a macho, macho man sort of way. The fact that I just made a Village People reference should tell you all you need to know about my quote masculinity unquote. Really, by most archaic standards I’m not a man at all. I am unskilled with women, I don’t own any guns and the chest hair that I do have is less than impressive. Gaston I am not. That being said, I’ve never cared about my skin. So I thought, why not see how the other half lives*?


Five Day Discipline: Apply/wear/use a face/mud/charcoal mask each night. Forgive the forward slashes I’m not exactly sure of the verbiage used here. In short, smear stuff on my face.

Over the course of the week I tried different masks with different claims. “Cleansing”, “detoxifying”, “refining”, etc. I didn’t notice a difference between any of them but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they did whatever they claimed to do. As with wine, I am untrained in the subtleties and nuances of beauty products.

Either way, they all smelled really good. And the cool mud felt nice on my face. And they also made my skin feel softer. My one complaint would be that my skin felt oily each day after using a mask. I don’t know though, maybe that’s what healthy skin is supposed to feel like?img_3970-1

Ultimately, I enjoyed this week quite a bit. It didn’t take nearly as long as I expected and it gave me an excuse to be silly. Plus whatever health benefits it provided my skin. I can’t say that I care anymore about my skin now but I can see myself doing this from time to time. Not daily though, I don’t like my skin being in a perpetual state of oily.



*My sweeping generalization of women being into beauty products and men not being into beauty products is made for simplicity’s sake. I understand some women don’t care about their skin and also that some men are all about it.

img_4025If I’m going to be making a duck face the least I can do is also be wearing a duck shirt.

img_3986Have baseball players been wearing a mud mask underneath their eyes this whole time?!?

Somebody stop me. Honestly though I feel as much Jack Nicholson here as I do Jim Carrey in The Mask.

One thought on “Week 56: The Mask

  1. Denise Harman

    I have enjoyed reading about your new experiences. I wonder if I’ve ever known anyone who thinks more about new experiences than you do! Good job. 👏


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