Week 55: Stairway To More Stairs

The cool thing about Five Day Discipline (*gives self high-five for creating Five Day Discipline*…*remembers that even his closest friends don’t read his blog*…*crawls back into self-loathing hole*) is that if you do it right it addresses all areas of your life. Mind, body & soul. That said, I don’t often pick things specifically for my physical fitness. I’m not lazy, I simply care more about the other areas of my life. And exercise is normally time consuming and time is precious or something.


Five Day Discipline: Climb stairs for twenty minutes each day. I did this each day while I was at work either on my lunch break or a “smoke break”. (No, I don’t actually smoke but I do love the smell of smoke so if you partake feel free to smoke around me. I am always down for some second-hand.)

No need for a play-by-play from this week. I walked up and down stairs for twenty minutes each day, I sweat a little bit and I ________ (fill in the blank here because one must always present three things). The co-workers I polled swore that they couldn’t smell me post-stairs so I’d rate my sweat level at “acceptable, though not ideal.” There were a few days where I felt a small amount of soreness but for the most part my legs felt normal this week. I’ve been running daily now for 320 days in a row so my legs are conditioned for movement, that allowed me to avoid most of the would-be soreness.

And while I didn’t particularly enjoy the climbing aspect of this week I did like getting away from my desk. And getting outside. I was able to do most of my stairing (not a word but should be) outside on beautiful days full of bird song and cool breezes and metropolitan pollution. So, yeah, that beats being inside looking at a TPS report.

Will I make walking stairs a daily thing? No. Not because I didn’t enjoy or benefit from it but mainly because I don’t like getting sweaty in the middle of my day. I’d probably rather finish those TPS reports than sweat at work. But the stairs aren’t going anywhere. They’ll be there for me if I ever need them.



P.S. I apologize for not getting a good “Stairway to Heaven” reference into this post. I tried, but it seemed too forced. It stressed me out trying to get in a Led Zeppelin reference, caused a bustle in my hedgerow even.

Did I say “stairs”? I meant “stares”. Stare at someone for twenty minutes each day. I’m not creepy, you’re creepy.
Bu-bye. Thanks for reading. You’re my favorite.

4 thoughts on “Week 55: Stairway To More Stairs

  1. Denise Harman

    I know I’m not a best friend, but I feel part way responsible for creating one of your best friends. He should be reading. I’ll shame him for it – Moms have guilting as a part of their skill set.

    Liked by 1 person

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