Week 54: Give It Away Now

I’ll be frank, I don’t like giving my money away. Who does?!? I guess, like, really nice people maybe. But I’m not one of those. I have all the excuses to not be generous with my money (I do have four kids after all!) but in the end they are exactly that, excuses. I’ve been blessed beyond measure and in general I’ve been fine keeping that to myself. Not in a malicious way, mind you. It just doesn’t come naturally for me. I keep my head down, my blinders on and I live in my own world with tunnel vision. But what if I was willing to look outside of myself and give just a little bit to someone else?


Five Day Discipline: Donate $10 each day to a different charity.

The truth is that when I conceived this as a Five Day Discipline I anticipated giving away $5 each day but when it came time to make my little picture I only had a ten dollar bill. I had a few ideas on where I would give but nothing set in stone and three of the five days ended up coming from suggestions.

  • Day 1 – NILMDTS Remembrance Walk: Team Carrying Caroline. Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is a non-profit that provides photography for families who have lost an infant. My only real fear in life is outliving my children so I cannot even begin to imagine the hurt the families are going through. This organization comes in during this painful time and gives the families a beautiful image to cherish and honor their child. I picked this organization because a family member lost an infant within the last year and this is a charity that they support that hasimage001

If you’re interested, donations to Team Carrying Caroline can be made here: NILMDTS Remembrance Walk: Team Carrying Caroline

  • Day 2 – World Vision. I was introduced to World Vision many, many years ago through church and have sponsored a child through them with my wife for the past 10 years or so. They help impoverished communities around the world through education, clean water, protection and economic empowerment. They’re what one might call “good people”. img_3702

Help get rid of poverty around the world by giving here: World Vision

  • Day 3 – Hispanic Federation’s UNIDOS Disaster Relief and Recovery Program. My introduction to this organization is entirely tied to my love of Broadway musicals, more specifically Hamilton. Show creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is of Puerto Rican descent and still has family on the island. When Puerto Rico was hit last September by Hurricane Maria he began urging people to donate to UNIDOS. Check out his charity single “Almost Like Praying” hereimg_3701

Feel like giving to the disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico? Want a link? Here you go: UNIDOS Disaster Relief and Recovery Program

  • Day 4 – Dog Rescue Ranch. These gals (and guys) rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for canines in North Texas. They take in dogs from puppy mills, local shelters and strays and that’s pretty b@rking cool if you ask me. I haven’t owned a dog in years (RIP Hershey) but I think all of God’s creatures deserve a good life. Except opossums (*shudder*).     045e7c97-6283-40ff-bfe5-f6aa138540f5-8255-0000082493950121

D’Ya like dags? https://dogranchrescue.com/make-a-donation/

  • Day 5 – Preemptive Love Coalition. This charity was suggested to me by a friend online (yay for the internet!). Preemptive Love Coalition provides emergency relief in war-torn countries such as Syria and Iraq and they also provide jobs for refugees. I’m pretty unplugged when it comes to politics and world events and things of that nature but even with that being said I know there is a strong need for aid in areas impacted by terrorism and war. And that it is somehow a hot-button issue. It shouldn’t be. This isn’t politics, it’s humanity. img_3742

If Preemptive Love Coalition strikes a chord with you and you’d like to donate then click these blue words.

And so this week of Five Day Discipline comes to a close. Five days, five different charities. The funny thing about giving is that you often end up getting something back. I’m not talking prosperity gospel here, but the good feeling that you get when you do a good deed, even something as small as give $10. I feel like I got back more than I gave this week. I didn’t miss the money from my bank account (partially because I’m a bad grownup who doesn’t monitor that kind of thing very closely) and I really enjoyed learning what charities and other organizations people are passionate about.

So, I had the thought to keep going with the donations. I can’t afford to give away ten dollars every day but I could give away five dollars a week ad infinitum. That’s just one less cheeseburger in my belly. And five dollars and Five Day Discipline both start with “five” and I am an absolute sucker for alliteration. In order to keep me accountable, and learn about different charities and the people of the internet, I’m going to post each Friday (on Instagram/Facebook not this blog) and solicit charities or organizations that people like to support. I’ll pick one to give my $5 to each week. I know it’s not much but if the old adage of “every little bit helps” is actually true (it is) then at least I’ll be doing a little bit of good. And if you think about it, doing a little bit of good is a whole lot more than doing no good.



If you’re into idolatry let me recommend this man, Lin-Manuel Miranda. In The Heights, Hamilton, Moana…he’s the leader we don’t deserve.
I’m not sure that the identity of my sponsor child needs to be protected but I’m too lazy to look into it so I’m erring on the side of caution. Here’s a thumb in your eye, kid!
I think in the future we’ll all paint ourselves gold. And shoot our videos in black & white.

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