Week 53: Full Circle, Like A Cheeseburger

This week’s Five Day Discipline was more about closing a loop than anything else. If you’ve read this post then you know that this whole thing started by accident. If you haven’t read it, basically it says that Five Day Discipline was born out of me going to a restaurant that I had never been to for five days in a row. Well, me almost going to a restaurant that I had never been to for five days in a row. I didn’t quite succeed that first week (you can read all the sordid details in the link) which is why I am back repeating Week 1 for Week 53.

#Seinfeld4Lyfe #CallMeElaine

Five Day Discipline: Eat at a restaurant I have never eaten at before each day.

Where I went really isn’t important (but if you’re curious about where I went just look back at the Five Day Discipline Instagram page).  The real reason I don’t want to mention the names is because to give an honest review of them I would have to say some less than flattering things and that’s just not me. Positivity or bust! I could never be a critic of any kind. Though I should say that none of the places were awful and one of them I will probably end up eating at regularly.

But the bigger victory here was that I revisited my Week 1 Five Day Discipline and succeeded this time. I don’t consider that Week 1 as a failure because I didn’t know that it was going to become a thing for me, but to me it made sense to close the loop, so to speak, and end the year where I started it.

So, now I am here. An entire year of Five Day Discipline behind me. What comes next? Simple: Six Day Discipline. I’m kidding. The next phase for me will be continuing Five Day Discipline but allowing myself to repeat or do variations on things I’ve chosen previously. Until now, I had never repeated the same Five Day Discipline twice. While I will likely continue to do mostly things I have never done before, I’m looking forward to revisiting some of my favorites over the past year like yoga or learning Spanish. Not eating a crown of broccoli each day though. Forget about it.



I made food bloggers everywhere look good this week with my bad food pictures. It’s okay, I eat the food better than I photograph it.

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