Week 48: Solitaire, Dear Reader


I lost this game. And the next. And the next. And the next. But the game after that, I won.

Five Day Discipline: Play Solitaire every night. I hadn’t played in years so I actually had to look up the rules of how to play. I chose the “draw three” version because it is supposed to be more difficult. I didn’t want easy wins I wanted something worth savoring. Well, as much as a game played alone (where the outcome is almost completely determined by random chance) could be savored.

Now, when I originally came up with this as my Five Day Discipline I didn’t give it a time requirement so, in order to not cheat myself, I ended up playing each evening until I won at least one game. That kept me from haphazardly dealing, playing one quick and losing hand and then going to bed. It also meant I was up late on a Friday night playing for an hour and a half because the cards weren’t going my way. Curse you, Random Chance!

A deck of cards that belonged to my paternal grandparents. My Grandpa Jack wrote “TURNER”, our surname, on the outside and now it’s not a deck of cards it is a great treasure. 

I played using different decks of cards that I got from my grandparents after they passed away. This made it more than just a game of Solitaire. I was holding cards that they had held and used for years. The cards even smell like their old house still. I’m a pretty sentimental person so this was special for me. I’ll say nothing else about it because even virtual tears are hard to watch.

The game itself was pleasant enough. I expected to be bored because, come on, this is 2018. We have virtual reality and hoverboards and we’ve been to the moon (allegedly)! But sometimes going back in time isn’t going backwards. Solitaire was a nice, slow way to wind down my day that didn’t require too much brain power but still kept my interest.

As I am going through different Five Day Disciplines I am noticing a trend: if I end my night looking at a screen then I don’t sleep as well. Curse you, Screen Time! The weeks where I have finished off my day with journaling or playing piano or crossword puzzles I have woken up more refreshed and ready for the day. I am more joyful and feel more accomplished. This week I am glad to add Solitaire to that list of things to do late in the evening that allow me to be at my best.



An angel of the Lord was trying to speak with me in this photo but I was busy getting my Solitaire on so I didn’t listen. I’m sure the consequences will be dire but hey, I had to get in my #fivedaydiscipline.
Playing cards shaped like oil drums. I think in the future everything will be shaped like an oil drum. Drill deeper! Build higher! Fly faster! Wear sweater!

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