Week 47: Floss Like You’re About To Go To The Dentist, ‘Cause You’re About To Go To The Dentist

Five Day Discipline: Floss each day. Just like the dentist tells me to do every single time I get my teeth cleaned. Advice I acknowledge and then completely ignore.

Now, I chose to use the string dental floss (because I am a purist) but I don’t have any issue with those of you who use those floss-stick-things (technical term). The stick-stuff is more convenient and can be done with one hand so I’m not actually sure why they even make the string-stuff anymore. Old technologies die hard, I guess. However you’re fighting the great gingivitis battle I say more power to you.

But seriously, why is flossing such a pain? It doesn’t take very much time and isn’t hard but for some reason I can’t seem to motivate myself to do it. I did it this week for five days and that is about as much as I intend to do. I hoped this week would turn me into a flosser but alas it has done no such thing. When I go back to the dentist and they tell me to floss I will lie through my (freshly cleaned) teeth and say, “oh yes, I’ll get right on that.” But I’ll know the truth. And they probably will too.



“So this is what I’m doing with my life? Taking pictures of myself with floss hanging out of my teeth?”
So this is who I’ve become, the sort of fellow who takes a picture of himself with floss stuck between his teeth. I’m so proud.
Testing the strength of floss. First I had to test the scrumptiousness of this donut.

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