Week 45: Harmonica


Five Day Discipline: Practice the harmonica twenty minutes each day. I had no experience playing the harmonica so this was practicing to learn not practicing to get better. My mom gave me a harmonica kit for Christmas with Five Day Discipline in mind so I was going to work through the instruction book it came with.

I did my twenty minutes of practice each evening but I also kept the harmonica with me most of the day and wound up playing it at random times. If you saw a guy playing the harmonica while he sat in traffic, that was me. If you saw a guy playing the harmonica and picking his nose while he sat in traffic, that was not me. I have a very familiar look, okay?

I didn’t actually play harmonica in a restaurant, this is just a photo op. I may be a bit obnoxious but I’m not a public menace.

The advantage of such a small instrument is that you can easily carry it around with you (car, pockets, restaurants!). In fact, according to my “Play The Harmonica” instruction book, President Abraham Lincoln always carried a harmonica in his top pocket, that includes during his time at the White House. The internet backs up this claim. Now, I’m not going to assert here that Mr. Lincoln and myself are now peers to some degree but if that’s the conclusion you draw then so be it.

Anyway, enough about me and Abe’s similarities and back to the harmonica.

My instruction booklet claims that the harmonica is “the easiest musical instrument you’ll ever get to play.” That’s probably true, but the only song I memorized by the end of the week was “When The Saints Go Marching In” and I didn’t get good enough to use the harmonica holder I had borrowed from my dad (so I could play guitar and harmonica simultaneously). But getting good at things takes more than five days. Five Day Discipline is about giving something new a chance to impact you somehow. As far as the harmonica goes, now that I own one I might as well continue playing it. It’s fun and I can keep it in my car to entertain me during traffic.




It’s not how well you can play the harmonica, but how many you can have strapped to your waist that matters most. 
All Eyez On Me and my Harmonica.


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