Week 20: Out On A Limb

For Week 20 of my Five Day Discipline I decided that I would go out on a limb and climb a tree every day. Sound childish? Sure, but do you know who is more innately joyful than anyone old enough to read this website? Kids. Rich kids. Poor kids. Kids of every color, shape and size. Kids just have more fun than adults. And what do kids do? They climb trees.IMG_4100.JPG

Five Day Discipline: Climb a tree each day.

Where I climbed: A tree by my house, a path near my father-in-law’s house (twice), a path by an office I used to work at and a trail near the library we go to.


  • Wear long pants and long sleeved shirts. Seriously, on top of a good deal of fun, every climb I did gave me a good amount of scratches.
  • Climbing a tree is hard work. I woke up several mornings with sore arms and legs because I was using muscles and body parts that haven’t gotten their fair share of action lately. Want to get fit without the cost of a gym membership? Climb trees.
  • It’s really fun. There is a reason climbing trees is a favorite past time of the schoolyard. And it’s even more fun to do with someone. I enjoyed the two climbs where I wasn’t alone more than the solo climbs. To each his/her own. I liked having eyes on the ground to help me make decisions.
  • Sitting up in a tree is really peaceful. It is pleasantly quiet up in a tree and a great place for relaxing or thinking. If you’re able bodied and have some pondering to do it’s worth the work.


Thankfully my week of tree climbing came and went without too much excitement (read: I didn’t fall and die). Aside from the aforementioned scratches I took no damage. Well, I did end up ripping a pair of shorts to a point where modesty won’t allow me to wear them in public anymore, but that’s life and now my dresser drawers have a little bit more room to breathe. Half full, right?

It’s worth noting that even though I am not afraid of heights there was still a healthy amount of fear once I got high into the trees. A fall from thirty feet in the air could have some pretty serious consequences so my primary goal with each climb was to avoid falling. That meant I didn’t step out onto branches that made cracking noises under my weight but it didn’t mean avoiding calculated risks. At the end of the day, if you want to climb a tree you’ve got to get off of the ground and into the branches where there is less certainty. That’s true for anything in life. Sometimes you’ve got to go out on a limb.


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