Week 1: No light bulbs, only ribs

Five Day Discipline didn’t start with an epiphany. There was no light bulb or “aha” moment. It started as an accident. Like Penicillin or the microwave but without saving lives or emitting radiation.

You’ve got to understand, I am the definition of “creature of habit”. I park in the same parking spot my whole life and order the same meal and wear the same clothes. I am that guy. But, one week I was eating lunch at a restaurant I had never been to before on a Tuesday and I realized that the day before I had also eaten somewhere I had never been. Counter to my nature I thought it might be fun to eat at new places the rest of that week to switch up my routine and make life a little more interesting. If you’re thinking that that’s a pretty mundane way to make my life more interesting I won’t argue with you, but sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll were out of the question. I’m too married for sex, too responsible (four kids) for drugs and frankly I’m too boring for rock ‘n’ roll. Simple as that.

Except I failed that first week. Because I didn’t know what Five Day Discipline was at the time I didn’t make a big scene when I was out with a coworker on Thursday and he decided he wanted ribs from a Dickey’s Barbecue (a place I had already eaten at). Who am I to keep a man from his ribs?

Despite my failure I had fun trying new food and looking for new places to eat. It made my week more interesting and therefore more enjoyable. So I decided that I would keep doing new things each week. Not food, but other things. Anything. As long as it wasn’t a part of my normal routine it would count. And so, Five Day Discipline was born. No light bulbs, only ribs.


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